🚀What is Worlds Within

The Beginning

A collection of 13,000 1 of 1 randomly created virtual reality-ready worlds, Worlds Within has towering mushrooms, pyramids, forests, and much more. On desktop, mobile, and VR platforms, you can explore your very own NFT. If users connect their wallet to the play.worldswithin.io website, they can create their own galaxies using the Worlds they own using the UI (user interface) system.

As of Today

We also recently released The Explorers, our very first set of Avatars, which is still in pristine condition. Explorers are included in the various Worlds Within Experiences so that users can showcase their favorite Explorers in 3D and VR! On February 22nd, we airdropped 13,000 Nebula Serum for users to burn for The Explorers. Soon, we'll be releasing Holo-Chambers, 3D spaces they may personalize and display, Terraforming, which will let users alter the appearance of their worlds; and much more


We plan to make Worlds Within one of the leading platforms for unique experiences on Cardano. We want to make sure that everyone has a wide range of avatar options to choose from, regardless of their community affiliation. Our ultimate goal is to become a leading cryptocurrency and experiential platform that is truly unique for everyone.

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