🌑Khaos Factions

Khaos Factions is a browser based first person shooter that integrates the Cardano blockchain using NFTs as collectible assets. The reason for using the Cardano blockchain specifically is that we believe that the tech on Cardano is eco-friendly and the fees associated with the network are minimal, so users will be able to play, transact, and create in an easy manner without it costing them an arm and a leg.

How Does It Work?

We use a number of Characters and verify the user's wallet to see if they have either our collection or a number of collections we support in the project. Once verified the user will have access to a number of exclusive items and characters in the application.

Guest Characters

  • Roh

  • Sabrina (will be swapped with Tad, once his character model is updated)

  • Ferdinand

Guest Characters are avatars that are playable for new players and players who do not connect their wallet. Having NFTs of these characters as the alias will unlock the rest of the characters in the game.

The Explorers

The Explorers NFT collection of 1997, all of the characters in this collection have an alias, and those alias are the baseline character for the game. If you have any of The Explorer nfts you will be able to play as any character in the game. The Lore we created provides insight into The Explorers and their journey. You can take part in the adventure by following along in the lore, getting the character that resonates with you, and using that character in the game.

Having an Explorer will not unlock gun skins, camos, or mutated characters that are specifically created or made via partnerships. Any Character that resides in the Khaos Vault will be unlocked via the Explorers.

The Weapons


Above is the link to our Weapons viewer which is a great way to check out the weapons and guns that are available in the game, or are on the way currently.

Weapons Skins and Camos

There will also be rare camos and gun skins that we will introduce in the future. And this is to make it so that the game is updated and we are able to monetize it to continue building it on a consistent basis.

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